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Earlier this week, Trib reporter Oscar Avila reported on Americans seeking dental care in Los Algodones, Mexico, a town near the Arizona border.

He reports:

The consulting firm Deloitte found that 2 in 5 Americans would go abroad for medical care if they could save 50 percent of costs and were assured that the quality of care was comparable.

Another survey, by McKinsey & Co., said most patients travel in search of more advanced technology but that the industry's growth potential lies in those seeking to reduce expenses, such as the patients in Los Algodones.

McKinsey said a new international accreditation system that certifies a foreign provider's adherence to U.S. guidelines for care will only boost medical tourism as patients feel more comfortable.

Experts say one reason for the cost disparity is that U.S. providers must guard against devastating malpractice lawsuits by securing expensive insurance-costs that are passed on to the consumer.
Avila also writes about his own experiences with a dentist in Los Algodones.


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