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The FTC's Red Flags Rule go into effect less than two weeks from now. To help members be compliant with these rules, the American Dental Association has created a sample policy that dentists can use for crafting their own office policy and a compliance guide. (Please note that an ADA login and password are required to access both files.)

From the ADA News office:

The ADA is helping members comply with the Red Flags Rule by launching the ADA Sample Identity Theft Detection and Response Program and ADA Guide for Compliance with the New Red Flags Rule. These are the best sources available to help dentists meet the proposed May 1 Red Flags Rule deadline.

The Red Flags Rule requires financial institutions and "creditors"-a term the FTC defines very broadly-to develop a written plan to prevent and detect identity theft. Although the ADA has challenged the Federal Trade Commission on the applicability of the rule to dentists, the Association has also developed compliance materials for ADA members while continuing to urge the FTC to reconsider the issue.

More information, along with links to the FTC program, is in our previous entry on the Red Flags Rule.



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