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Permanent link  FTC delays enforcement of Red Flags Rule


This just in...The FTC has agreed to a three-month delay in enforcing the Red Flag Rules. From ADA President Dr. John Findley:

I am very pleased to inform you that the Federal Trade Commission has issued a 90-day delay in the enforcement of its Red Flags Rule, which would have gone into effect May 1. This delay will give the ADA more time to challenge its applicability to small health care providers such as dentists.

Read our previous coverage of the Red Flags Rule and what it means for dentistry.



red flags rule ,

it seems much to do about nothing...when the ada predisdent says it will cost millions in training costs..truthfully how can he be taken seriously for any future comments! Big deal when a new patient comes in you get a photo ID copied with their insurance card...hell my cardiologist has been doing that for much training does that take? we should concentrate on speaking up on the real issues facing out profession.

Posted by: Anonymous ( on 05/16/2011