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Earlier this year, counterfeit Colgate and Oral B toothbrushes were spotted in Canadian pharmacies. California dentist and blogger Dr. Grace Sun has more:

It is true that most of the burden to check for false brushes is on the back of the retailer, but it is still important to be vigilant about your toothbrush - only buy from reputable dealers (like big chain grocery stores) and if your brush looks suspicious - jagged packaging, poorly printed logos or something similar, take it back to the store from whence it came. A counterfeit toothbrush is not made to the same quality control standards as true brand-name brushes: counterfeit brushes (which usually originate in China) have been known to have bristles which fall out quickly, leading to throat irritation and, in a more extreme case, a possible choking hazard for young mouths. A toothbrush's quality can be measured by specific features such as a well designed handle and thorough rows of columns of properly spaced tufts of end-rounded bristles.


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These conterfeit products can be potentially harmful to consumers and dentists should make their patients aware that they exist and to be careful of purchasing overly cheap dental products. <a href="" rel="nofollow">Dentist Richmond Hill</a>

Posted by: Dr. David Cheng ( on 05/16/2011

I thought these types of products (counterfeit products) can only be found in places and countries where the trade and laws regarding them were too easy to counterfeit themselves. Canada is one of the last places I could ever thing of to be hit by this.<br /><br />I am a dentist and it is part of my obligation to warm my patients about such deceiving products so they too can be careful about it. Thank you for posting about it.

Posted by: Vancouver Cosmetic Dentist ( on 05/16/2011