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Back in 2005, we surveyed our members to find out whether they thought men or women were more fearful in the dental chair. Almost half of dentists surveyed said men are more anxious than woman about visiting the dentist, compared to 36 percent who felt there was no difference and 14 percent who thought women were more nervous. Shortly after our findings came out, a study done in Canada found that female patients report being more afraid of the dentist than men.

Four years later, the Edomonton Journal revisits this issue, with some interesting twists:

  • As suspected, men do underreport their fear of the dentists, or perhaps exaggerate their comfort with the dentist.
  • Evidence suggests that fear of dental pain is a "learned behavior."
  • Those with dental fear have similar pain thresholds as patients without dental anxiety.
  • According to a survey by the Massachusetts Dental Society, women are far more likely to request cosmetic procedures.


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