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Permanent link  Patients death in Michigan blamed on cuts to dental Medicaid program


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A Michigan woman with severe periodontitis died this month because the state eliminated adult dental Medicaid benefits, according to the director of a chain of clinics that attempted to arrange her treatment.

The woman, whose name has not been released at the request of her family, died October 8 after getting a blood infection, said Thomas Veryser, D.D.S., M.H.S.A, executive director of Michigan Community Dental Clinics. He said he did not know her precise cause of death, but to explain the blood infection "physical examination provided no alternative to the obvious chronic periodontitis that the patient suffered from"....

When a physician detected her blood infection in early July, he recommended that all her teeth be extracted. The dental clinic scheduled this treatment at a local hospital, but the hospital postponed the procedure because she had mild pneumonia that prevented the use of general anesthesia.

By the time she recovered from the pneumonia, the state had eliminated dental services and the hospital would not put her under general anesthesia because the cost--which it estimated at $4,500 to $6,000--would not be reimbursed by the state, Dr. Veryser said.


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I do not like this <a href="" rel="nofollow"> dental Medicaid </a> program got blame.

Posted by: DrNathanhaas ( on 05/16/2011