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Permanent link  State of Illinois offers incentive for dentists to treat Medicaid patients


This just in, from Bridge to Healthy Smiles Coalition:

Governor Pat Quinn signed HB 489 into law which allows dentists who treat public aid patients to opt into a health care provider deferred compensation plan.  This allows medical or health care providers enrolled in Medicaid to except payment from the state to be deposited into a tax deferral investment portfolio in lieu of direct payment for services performed.  This new law will provide opportunity for low-middle income dental patients. This is similar to an existing retirement savings plan offered to state employees, and is currently allowed in four other states; Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi. 
This deferred compensation benefit will help motivate providers "dentists" to enroll in the Medicaid program which will help meet the demand of all those who need care.  Illinois has among the lowest funding rates in the nation for many dental procedures and as a result patients are forced to delay treatment or go without dental care altogether. This program brings us a step closer to bridging the access to care gap.


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