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This fall, the Chicago Dental Society turned its newspaper journalism contest into a blogging contest open to any high school student in Cook, Lake or DuPage County who would answer the question, "Is Soda Just Liquid Candy?"

Full details on how to enter are posted to our contest Web page. Deadline for entries is February 1, 2010.

Here's our first entry, from Hanna C. View. 

Soda is a tasty thing.

Heck, I was just finishing up a cup of Coca-Cola a minute ago.

And yes, I do drink soda frequently, around once or twice a week or so.

I am aware of the spoonfuls of sugar there are in each can I consume. I am aware of the sodium, the calories, the caffeine, the artificial ingredients, and the effects it has on my health.

Call me ignorant, but I am willing to bypass those facts once in a while for a drink to go with a slice of pizza, or a burger.

I think a lot of kids my age can agree with me on this one. We all were taught that soda was bad for us, just like how alcohol or cigarettes are. Many of us may never smoke a cigarette or get drunk, but most likely, we frequently drink a can of Sprite despite the knowledge of the possible consequences.

But in my opinion, that a cup of soda is just as bad as a doughnut, or quarter-pound burger. People eat these things for taste. Not for their health. You can still maintain a healthy body, even when consuming these kinds of foods. All that matters is how frequently you have these things.

And really, the reason why I drink soda most of the time is because it tastes better with what I'm drinking it with. Of course, if I was eating a Caesar salad, I'd drink water or tea. But with a greasy pizza, you can't go wrong with washing it down with a fizzy drink.

Of course, I'm not advising that kids SHOULD go around and drinking soda. Especially if they're like my friends' younger brothers, who start running around like crazy whenever a drop of carbonated drinks touch their tongues. I just think that it's all dependent on drinking it, in moderation.