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This fall, the Chicago Dental Society turned its newspaper journalism contest into a blogging contest open to any high school student in Cook, Lake or DuPage County who answered the question, "Is Soda Just Liquid Candy?"

Full details on how to enter are posted to our contest Web page. Deadline for entries is February 1, 2010.

This entry is by Scott L.

"You're a good boy," the waiter said to me after i asked for another glass of milk. My immediate family was sitting around the small table in this empty restaurant giving the waiter and me awkward smiles and laughter. The waiter soon explained himself and how he could never get his own son to drink his milk, instead, he would ask for soda. As he spoke, I noticed that every one of my family members except me had ordered some sort of soda. I wasn't sure I would ask for another milk either, because the waiter was praising me as if I were puppy who could sit when it was told to. In fact, after I had finished my small glass of milk, I did ask for a soda. It just seems to be so normal in our society to drink soda, and there was a reason that your parents may have discouraged the drinking of it.

My parents only discouraged soda only because I would be drinking less milk. I was raised this way, so I usually prefer milk over soda. My sisters, on the other hand, would have soda whenever they could. Even now, my family probably has three to six twelve-can boxes of soda lying around, so soda around our house is pretty common. At my school, there are vending machines selling soda during lunch hour, and there are sodas sold at the counter as well. I often see people at my lunch table everyday. In my world, soda is by no means uncommon. It doesn't help that it is so common to be drinking a can of soda; if you were to do so, most people would think nothing of it. Somehow, I can't seem to find can of milk like I can find a can of soda. In fact, I don't think I've seen anyone drinking milk aside from during meals.

In my opinion, soda is too accessible. Compared to other healthy drinks, soda is sold much more in convenient places like vending machines, and at best vending machines will sell water. Either healthy drinks must become more accessible in our society, or soda needs to be healthier. Both of those will help prevent problems caused by soda, without impacting the people who will still buy it.