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Last fall, the Chicago Dental Society turned its newspaper journalism contest into a blogging contest open to any high school student in Cook, Lake or DuPage County who answered the question, "Is Soda Just Liquid Candy?"

Full details on how to enter are posted to our contest Web page. Deadline for entries is February 1, 2010.

This entry is by Rebecca B. 


Many teens and youth are targeted by advertisement companies. They are after all an easy group of people to persuade to purchase something. If a product is colorful or has an interesting design, a child or teen is more likely to purchase the item. Many soda marketing campaigns have taken advantage of this fact and are targeting kids to buy their product. Soda has absolutely no nutritional value, only adds calories and sugar to a generation of kids struggling with obesity issues. It is very unfair for marketers to try to convince a corrupt youth to purchase their product that will only contribute to the growing problem of overweight children. Soda companies should put the facts out in the open. They should let everyone, not just kids, know what soda can do to their teeth and body if it is consumed excessively.