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Teresa Duncan, founder of Odyssey Management, has a great blog post on health care reform and dentistry.

It's an even-handed look at the good and bad in the bill for the dental community. She writes:

Education wise - it's looking good. Grant money will become available (separate from the $60 million) to provide sealants to children, conduct studies on caries disease management and keep school-based clinics running.....

[Legislators] changed the requirement for Medicaid so more will be eligible but no consideration was given to increasing Medicaid reimbursement. Dentists that offer Medicaid limit the numbers within their practice - for good reason. You can easily lose money treating Medicaid patients. It's not a selfish, motivated by big bucks reason - it's a business decision. Maintaining quality with increased quantity can only happen when you can scale the business. Since most dentists are solo practitioners this is impractical so they have to limit the Medicaid quantity.


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