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Permanent link  Alert for Chicago dentists: City of Chicago inspecting dental offices for plumbing compliance


The Chicago Dental Society has recently received reports that inspectors from the City of Chicago Water Department are visiting dental offices citywide to check compliance with public health plumbing codes.

In light of these reports, Illinois State Dental Society has provided the following information to dentists statewide:

There are both statewide and city-specific codes related to installation of backflow preventers. Since 1994, the State of Illinois has required dentists to have a licensed plumber install a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer (RPZ) on each dental unit or group of dental units and on the dental vacuum system, in order to protect the water system from potential health hazards of human waste discharged during dental procedures from flowing back into the water system. 

The City of Chicago requires a backflow preventer on each dental unit; other cities may only require a backflow preventer that connects all units to the main water system.

In addition, dentists statewide should know that they are required to have these backflow systems inspected annually by a licensed plumber.
ISDS has more information on the Illinois State requirements and City of Chicago codes.

For more information
Illinois Department of Public Health
(217) 782-4977

Illinois Department of Public Health's Office of Health Protection
(217) 782-3984

City of Chicago's Plumbing Inspection Division
(312) 744-7017


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