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Permanent link  ADA urges members to adopt a dental practice in Haiti


The American Dental Association's Division of Global Affairs has launched an Adopt-a-Practice initiative to help dentists rebuild their practices in Port-au-Prince. About 30 practices--or a third of the city's dental offices--were destroyed in January's earthquake.

According to the ADA:
It's estimated that approximately $10,000 can help rebuild each practice....

To help rebuild and re-equip Haiti's dental practices, the ADA Division of Global Affairs and Health Volunteers Oversees (HVO) have set a goal to raise $300,000 by the end of 2010....

Without help, most Haitian dentists will be unable to rebuild their practices on their own because they don't have the protection of casualty insurance and their incomes are not comparable to those in more developed countries.

With about 350 dentists for a population of 9 million, Haiti has the lowest ratio of dentists per population in the Western hemisphere. And due to the depressed economy in Haiti, even a small contribution can make a difference. 
To donate, visit the Health Volunteers Overseas/ADA Rebuilding Dental Offices in Haiti page.


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I think that this is such a great cause. Helping <a href="" rel="nofollow">dentistas</a> will help improve industry practice in Haiti. I agree with Hannah. It will surely boost the practice of Haitian dentists.

Posted by: Mono ( on 05/16/2011

I&#39;m so glad the ADA is encouraging people to help Haitian dentistry. What a great idea! Thanks for the info.

Posted by: Hannah ( on 05/16/2011