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Permanent link  Donated Orthodontic Services program helps families get the care they need


CDS was recently reminded by our colleagues at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) that its members are eager to work!

Volunteer orthodontists are looking for patients to participate in the Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) program, which has been providing free care since 2009 to children whose families can not afford needed orthodontic treatment. 

The eligibility requirements are few:

  • Patient must be a resident of the state of Illinois
  • Prospective patients must not currently be in braces or in between phases of treatment
  • Patients must be between the ages of 11 and 18
  • In general, families must be “working poor” and/or Medicaid eligible
  • Patient must be ineligible for orthodontic treatment through insurance or public aid, such as the All Kids program. 

 Thanks to the generosity of orthodontists who donate one or two cases per year to this program, 113 Illinois children have completed $542,136 worth of orthodontic treatment they otherwise would not have received.

Perhaps you treat some families in your practice who can not afford orthodontic treatment for their children or have Medicaid that will not cover such services. Share with them an application for the DOS program, found at, or call Kizzly Blue, DOS Coordinator, at 720.287.6183.  

The only fee charged is $200 after acceptance into the program.




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