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Permanent link  ISDS calls on dentists to fight SB2847


The Illinois State Dental Society is asking dentists to take action now to prevent legislation that would allow dental hygienists to practice in Illinois without proper supervision.

Despite efforts in March to stop Senate Bill 2847, the bill's sponsor State Sen. Donne Trotter was able to get the defeated bill posted again for:

3 p.m., Wednesday, April 2
Senate Licensed Activities and Pensions Committee
Room 400, Illinois State Capitol

If you can’t attend the hearing, you can still register your opposition online. To submit a Witness Slip to the 98th General Assembly in opposition to Senate Bill 2847:

Follow these instructions

  • Section I: use your home address and your dental practice name or just enter “Dentist”
  • Section II: Type in that you are representing “Dentistry”
  • Section III: Select Opponent
  • Section IV: Select “Record of Appearance Only.” This means you do not want to give oral testimony at the hearing but wish to be officially recorded as an opponent.
  • Type in the appropriate security words
  • At the very bottom of the form, in the left hand corner, make sure to check the box “I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.”
  • Click the Create (Slip) button on the bottom right.

Your participation Wednesday is valuable to the Committee members. ISDS reported that last week’s hearing was standing room-only, packed with hygienists and hygiene students who clapped and cheered throughout the hearing. State Sen. Trotter poked fun at Give Kids A Smile and Mission of Mercy events, calling them dentistry’s solution to the access problem. He also stated that, in general, dentists do not treat the neediest populations. The Illinois Dental Hygienists’ Association — which is backing SB 2847 — stated in prior testimony that “many dentists in private practice are violating the supervision laws already, so why not just make it legal.”

Find more information in the ISDS opposition position paper.

For more information, email the Illinois State Dental Society or call 217.525.1406.

Read the full copy of SB2847.