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Permanent link  Got a Chocolate Craving?


You may be able to snag some sugary treats at one of the booths on the exhibit floor (if you promise to brush your teeth afterward). Or, kill two birds with one stone and ask a Crest rep for a sample of Crest’s new chocolate-flavored toothpaste. 

 The company is featuring the Midwinter Meeting crowd-favorite flavor of it’s new “Be” toothpaste line at booth #2402.

 The CDS blogger team joined Karly, Viola and Rachael, students at the Midwest Technical Institute, for a taste of Mint Chocolate Trek, Lime Spearmint Zest and Vanilla Mint Spark. Their reaction? It’s pretty good!

 And don’t let anyone tell you this product is just for kids, said rep Sheryl Faye. Many adults love it, too. And the best part? “It’s zero points on Weight Watchers!”