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Chicago’s Department of Public Health is working with Mayor Rahm Emanuel to discourage the use of menthol-flavored tobacco, especially by minorities and young people. Look for a new campaign from the LimeGreen/Chicago ad agency on television, radio and print materials.

No Menthol artThe print ads feature close-ups of the faces of young people on whom are scarred the words "Big Tobacco." The ad copy reads: "Tobacco companies use menthol-flavored cigarettes to get you addicted. Don't get burned."

This campaign is part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s call to action under the City of Chicago’s public health agenda called, “Healthy Chicago.” 

Chicago will be the first city in the United States to regulate e-cigarettes and impose a targeted sales restriction that would ban the sales of these tobacco products near schools. Menthol-flavored cigarettes have a minty flavor that masks the tobacco taste and generally reduces throat irritation often associated with smoking.

Smoking remains the top cause of preventable deaths in the United States with an estimated 450,000 Americans dying of smoke-related diseases every year. The good news, the smoking rate has been the lowest in the last 45 years but that number has stagnated around 21 percent for the last five years.

“This is very meaningful work that we’re doing in connection with the Burned campaign,” said Michael Stratta, Managing Partner at LimeGreen, in a prepared release. “Our hope is that the awareness initiative will not only help our city’s youth but raise overall health awareness throughout the city of Chicago.”