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Permanent link  From fangs to bling, dentists reveal oddest patient requests


As part of our 2012 annual member dentist survey, we asked which cosmetic procedure is most requested by patients. To little surprise, whitening ranks number one according to more than 75 percent of the 220 dentists surveyed.


When asked what the strangest cosmetic procedure a patient has requested, the results were a little more interesting.


Here are the top five strangest requests:


5.  Dental bling: Over half of the dentists surveyed said they’ve received requests for dental “bling,” including gold/silver crowns, diamonds, rubies and/or jewels. 


4.  Pull them all: One dentist was asked for a full extraction and dentures in order to avoid brushing and flossing.


3.  Dental ink: Three percent of dentists have received requests for tattoos on the inner lip or an individual tooth.


2.  Tongue makeover: Two dentists received patient requests to have their tongues reshaped.


1.  Vampire-like chops: Four percent of dentists have received requests for vampire-like fangs.