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Permanent link  Dental records are needed to identify a fire victim


At the request of the Wisconsin Dental Association, the Chicago Dental Society is asking local dentists to help identify a body. The victim is believed to be a past resident of Lincoln Park.

Following is a note we received from the Wisconsin Dental Association this morning:

This morning I was contacted by the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  Det. Patti Crump is looking for dental records to be used to confirm the identification of a burned body that was found outside of a burnt down house.  They believe the body to be that of Maureen A. Martin, Date of Birth 8-31-46.  Ms. Martin was originally from Lincoln Park.

If Ms. Martin was a patient of yours at any time and you have dental records that could be used to assist in positive identification, please contact Det. Crum at 920.294.4000.

Thanks for your help.