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With 32,000 dental professionals expected to convene at McCormick Place next month, running into an old classmate is an unexpected surprise.

Unless, of course, you know where to look. Just ask Chicago dentist Lynse Briney.

She’s one of many who will be attending the New Dentist Reception at the Midwinter Meeting. The Happy Hour event brings together dentists who have been in practice for no more than 10 years for cocktails, conversation and camaraderie among contemporaries.

“We all seem to be so busy these days and since you’re already at the Midwinter Meeting it's an easy way to meet up,” Dr. Briney explained. “It gives new dentists the chance to network with other dentists that are in the same shoes!  We can catch up on the best practices that work in our offices, discuss how to juggle work-life balance, vent about the practice options before us and much, much more.  Best of all it gives us the opportunity to catch up with classmates we may have not seen in a while.

“And it gives us the chance to meet new dentists and expand our networks of friends and colleagues.”

Keyur Shah consistently made time for these kinds of networking events as he began his career, and said it paid off.

“We’re all like-minded and have similar goals, so it’s nice to interact,” live and in person, he said. “I always get tidbits of good information from these events – you can ask anyone about anything and the conversations are relevant and current.” His mentors encouraged him to start attending these events while he was still in dental school, and he’s so thankful that they did.

“It’s very valuable to interact with your colleagues and promote organized dentistry.”

Dr. Briney added that they’re just plain fun.

“I love catching up with people, seeing new friends and old.  It helps keep me in touch with reality and not get bogged down in the daily grind!”

To join Drs. Briney and Shah and others at the New Dentist Reception at 4:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 22, in 260 Restaurant at McCormick Place West, register for SE5 when you register for your Midwinter Meeting courses.

And if you’ve already registered, you can add the reception to your existing registration.



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