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Permanent link  Independents leave their mark on the CDS Foundation Clinic


The Independent Dental Organization (IDO) of the Chicago Dental Society recently completed a week of volunteering at the CDS Foundation Dental Clinic, with spectacular results.

Volunteer dentists, supported by volunteer hygienists April 21-25, produced $12,022 in donated dental services. This included 26 fillings, 21 extractions and eight comprehensive exams, which completed treatment on 26 patients.

“It was our pleasure to have a small part in helping so many patients in need of dental care,” IDO president Michael Biasiello said in an email to the clinic. “Our job was made easy due to all of the help from Dottie (Mackie) and the rest of the staff at the CDS Foundation Clinic. It is our hope that more dentists and especially dental groups will get the message and respond to the urgent dental care needed in our community.”

Volunteers who participated in Independents Week at the CDS Foundation Clinic include Michael Biasiello, Trucia Drummond, John Gerding, Alejandro Godinez, Mary Hawley, Louis Imburgia, Helen Lo, David Nguyen, Stephen Palatinus, Sal Storniolo, Victoria Ursitti, David Williams and Michael Wince.

Other groups that have already scheduled volunteer events at the clinic include the Members Group and the Dental Arts Club.

To schedule an individual volunteer time or a group event, contact Ms. Mackie at 630.260.8530.



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Permanent link  Thank you, Hellenic American Dental Society


Kudos to the Hellenic American Dental Society for its work at the CDS Foundation Clinic Feb. 24-28. Its team of volunteers ran the treatment rooms during the inaugural Greek Week, with spectacular results:


  • Produced $11,546 in donated dental service
  • Placed 35 fillings
  • Extracted 18 teeth
  • Competed treatment on 5 patients


Many thanks to Drs. LaValle, Kouracos, Marinis, George, Kanellos, Lo, Papadimitriou and Haralampopolos, and honorary Greeks Dr. Sullivan and King, for their efforts that week.

There are still open operatories in the March and April calendars. Ask these volunteers about their experience, and then see for yourself. Call Dottie at 630.260.8530 if you have time to serve.



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Permanent link  Your dental society needs your leadership


Tom Sullivan knows just how many volunteers contributed to the 2014 Midwinter Meeting. And he knows that the Chicago Dental Society will need just as many volunteers to produce similarly stellar meetings in 2015, 2020 and 2050.

He and his colleagues will help interested members identify opportunities to increase their involvement with their dental society at a new program being offered at the 2014 Midwinter Meeting. Dr. Sullivan, a longtime Chicago Dental Society member and past president of the Illinois State Dental Society will lead Your Dental Society Needs You Friday, Feb. 21, beginning at 10 a.m. in Room W474A. 

“In my 30 years with organized dentistry, I got into the mix of the Midwinter Meeting, met people, and learned from the bottom up what it takes to put together something of this magnitude. There is a huge team behind our meeting; someone has to be walking the floor and checking fire codes, for example,” Dr. Sullivan explained. “We aim to make people aware of the avenues for new dentists to get involved with their Branches and gain access to volunteer positions.”

Dr. Sullivan and his colleagues on site will answer questions from the audience and share their own stories of involvement in organized dentistry.

“As a young dentist, what impressed me was putting a face to name that I had heard and getting to know people, emulate them and call them my true mentors,” Dr. Sullivan said. “You can repeat that story if you take the time, and you get it back 10 fold. It’s not that big of a mountain to climb, but it is fun climbing it.”

Longtime CDS member and volunteer Michael Durbin said the program was born out of questions he hears from younger colleagues all the time. He encouraged current volunteers to invite younger colleagues and attend together.

“We know that our dental students are more engaged than they used to be, and we have lots of student volunteers. But there are the same opportunities for them once they graduate and start practicing,” he explained.

 “We need to grab that enthusiasm and make sure we’re giving them an outlet for their leadership to continue. We hear over and over again that people are unsure of how to get involved,” he continued. “We needed to take that message to the Midwinter Meeting for people to see all of their options for getting involved. This is an opportunity to ask questions and get together a plan for where to go next.”



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Permanent link  Dental Lifeline Network Reaches Milestone In Donated Services


Our congratulations go out to Dental Lifeline Network (DLN), a charity that provides dental services all 50 states and the District of Columbia to people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. In 2013, these services reached a total of $250 million since the creation of its Donated Dental Services (DDS) program in 1985.
Through this flagship program, volunteer dentists and laboratories in several states have provided treatment to 120,000 people. Donated by more than 15,000 dentists and 3,600 laboratories nationwide, treatment through DDS is comprehensive, unlike care provided through many other dental charities.
“Our success in making dental therapies accessible to people who critically need care is due to the overwhelming generosity of dentists who willingly contribute their services and staff time and the laboratories that support them,” noted Fred Leviton, DLN president. “For people who suffer daily with severe pain from fractured teeth, advanced periodontal disease and the inability to eat normally, dental treatment is life-transforming,” Leviton said.
DLN is headquartered in Denver with DDS program coordinators located throughout the country who screen program applicants, match them with volunteer dentists, arrange for laboratory support and specialists as needed and provide logistical coordination between patients and providers. Patients are treated in the dentists’ offices. The average value of treatment is more than $3,000. Every dollar raised or contributed results in more than $10 of professional services. 
DLN was founded in 1974 by Larry Coffee, DDS, a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School. For information to become a volunteer dentist or laboratory or to make a donation, please visit or call 888.471.6334.


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Permanent link  Local dental association adopts CDSF Clinic — with great results


The CDS Foundation was so thankful when Chicago’s Chinese American Dental Association stepped up to adopt the CDS Foundation Clinic the week of Sept. 23. Its members committed to covering all patient care those five days.

And the members can be proud, as their work was tireless. In one week the volunteers posted: 

  • 54 volunteer hours
  • 71 patients
  • 27 different procedures
  • $16,680 worth of donated dental services – for which the patients did not pay a dime.

Many, many thanks to Drs. Jennifer Chen, Jason Cheng, Chen Li Chin, Frenk Feng, Yi Hsiung Huang, Barbara Lin, Samuel Lin, Tony Liu and Helen Lo. They were joined in the clinic by hygienists Valentia Beresneva, Pam Bienduga and Cheryl Pierini.

If your group wants to adopt the clinic for a week, too, contact the CDS Foundation Dental Clinic at or call 630.260.8530.


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