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Permanent link  FTC delays Red Flags Rule again


The FTC has delayed enforcement of the Red Flags Rule through December 31, 2010. Read the official statement here.

The most recent action before this latest delay was when the House in October 2009 passed HR 3763, which exempted small business, including dental practices, with fewer than 20 employees from the legislation. However, that bill has been delayed in the Senate, pending the financial reform package.

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The logjam may be on the verge of clearing, however. On May 25, Sens. John Thune (R-SD) and Mark Begich (D-AK) introduced S. 3416, the Senate's version of H.R. 3763, which also calls for the exemption of certain small businesses -- including dentists and physicians -- from the Red Flag rules.
The ADA has resources for dentists on the Red Flags Rule.


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Permanent link  House of Representatives votes to exempt most dentists from Red Flags Rule


This just in--statement from ADA President Dr. Ronald Tankersley on Passage of HR 3763, which would exempt most dental practices and small businesses from the FTC's Red Flags Rule:


On behalf of the 157,000 members of the American Dental Association, I want to thank the principal sponsors of HR 3763 for the introduction and overwhelming House passage of this legislation.  The bill, introduced by Rep. John Adler (D-N.J.), Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) and Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), will exempt small businesses, including most private-practicing dentists, from the Federal Trade Commission's 'Red Flags Rule.' "After listening to health care providers from across the country, lawmakers confirmed that the original Red Flags legislation was not meant to apply to small businesses like the vast majority of dental practices, but rather it was intended to encourage large businesses like banks, credit firms and national retailers to implement best practices to protect customers' from identity theft. "Over the past year, the ADA worked with numerous health care organizations and small business groups in urging Congress to quickly fix this problem. We hope that the Senate acts with similar speed to protect dentists and other small businesses from being forced to work under the yoke of an FTC rule that was never intended to apply to them."


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No matter what profession you are in, there is one important tenet one should always keep of the almost importance and that is ~ treat others the way you want to be treated…Such a simple standard of practice, that surely goes a very long way.

Posted by: DrNathanhaas ( on 05/16/2011

Permanent link  Red Flags Rule delayed again


The FTC has just announced that they will be delaying enforcement of the Red Flags Rule until November 1 so that they may do more education programs for business owners on complying with the rules.


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Permanent link  FTC delays enforcement of Red Flags Rule


This just in...The FTC has agreed to a three-month delay in enforcing the Red Flag Rules. From ADA President Dr. John Findley:

I am very pleased to inform you that the Federal Trade Commission has issued a 90-day delay in the enforcement of its Red Flags Rule, which would have gone into effect May 1. This delay will give the ADA more time to challenge its applicability to small health care providers such as dentists.

Read our previous coverage of the Red Flags Rule and what it means for dentistry.



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it seems much to do about nothing...when the ada predisdent says it will cost millions in training costs..truthfully how can he be taken seriously for any future comments! Big deal when a new patient comes in you get a photo ID copied with their insurance card...hell my cardiologist has been doing that for much training does that take? we should concentrate on speaking up on the real issues facing out profession.

Posted by: Anonymous ( on 05/16/2011

Permanent link  Make sure your practice is compliant with the Red Flags Rule


The FTC's Red Flags Rule go into effect less than two weeks from now. To help members be compliant with these rules, the American Dental Association has created a sample policy that dentists can use for crafting their own office policy and a compliance guide. (Please note that an ADA login and password are required to access both files.)

From the ADA News office:

The ADA is helping members comply with the Red Flags Rule by launching the ADA Sample Identity Theft Detection and Response Program and ADA Guide for Compliance with the New Red Flags Rule. These are the best sources available to help dentists meet the proposed May 1 Red Flags Rule deadline.

The Red Flags Rule requires financial institutions and "creditors"-a term the FTC defines very broadly-to develop a written plan to prevent and detect identity theft. Although the ADA has challenged the Federal Trade Commission on the applicability of the rule to dentists, the Association has also developed compliance materials for ADA members while continuing to urge the FTC to reconsider the issue.

More information, along with links to the FTC program, is in our previous entry on the Red Flags Rule.



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