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Permanent link  Dental student's posters helps patients understand dental X-rays


Connecticut dental student Jevin Carruth knows that an increasing number of patients are questioning the safety of dental x-rays. His challenge, however, was to find a simple answer that would put patients at ease.

He sought information from sources like the American Nuclear Society to show the amount of radiation given off by dental X-rays compared to other common sources of radiation, such as a cross-country flight. He added visual elements to illustrate complicated scientific principles for common use, and he laminated it for repeated reference in the dental office. His poster, "Radiation Facts" compares dental X-rays to sunlight, breathing, and a full-body CT scan.


Today, Mr. Carruth is selling this illustration to clinicians the country. Posters and handouts are available in three colors for purchase in packages ranging from $15-$100, with 10 percent of sales to CDS members benefitting the Illinois Mission of Mercy. 

For more information contact Mr. Carruth, UCONN School of Dental Medicine Class of 2015, at

Remind him that you learned about it from CDS, so that the Illinois Mission of Mercy benefits from your purchase.



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Permanent link  Midwinter 2011: Introducing Archteks Toothpaste Tablets


Archtek introduces the Toothpaste Tablet at the Midwinter Meeting:

The Toothpaste Tablets were awarded Top Innovative Consumer Product for 2011 by Dental Advisor Magazine.


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Permanent link  3D Imaging on Wheels


We were intrigued by this big van in the middle of the exhibit floor.

Turns out, its a mobile imaging unit that provides 3D scans for treatment planning, owned and operated by Deborah Vessell. She tells us about the service and how it helps dentists.


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Permanent link  Dr. Boghosian on a device to stop snoring


Dentists can help patients with more than cavities and bleeding gums. Here's Dr. Alice Boghosian telling us about a product she uses herself--a Tap 3 anti-snoring device from Glidewell Laboratories. It uses an adjustable plastic mold to help the patient stop snoring:

What do you help patients with besides tooth care?


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This is a great device that would benefit a lot of people suffering from snoring.<br /><br /><a href="" rel="nofollow">Dental Thornhill</a>

Posted by: Dr. David Cheng ( on 05/16/2011

Permanent link  Touring the exhibit floor with Dr. Cissy Furusho


Dr. Cissy Furusho, who was featured on ABC 7 yesterday morning, let us tag along as she hit the exhibit floor to check out some new products and companies for her pediatric practice. Here she reviews toothbrushes in a catalog with a rep from Procter & Gamble.

Finding old friends and new at the Harry J. Bosworth Company - Dr. Furusho also really liked the flavored topical anesthetics.



And finally, Dr. Furusho reviews a possible new payment option for her patients from CareCredit Healthcare Finance.



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