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Permanent link  Midwinter Meeting program highlights member benefits


Local dentists know that their membership in the Chicago Dental Society has its benefits.

They aim to educate more of their non-member colleagues at a Midwinter Meeting symposium Friday, Feb. 21, Are you getting the most out of your membership?

The program begins at 11 a.m. in Room W474A. It will last one hour and is open to all dentists and dental students who are attending the Midwinter Meeting. Attendees will not receive CE credit for their participation.

“We talk a lot about the power of three and the alignment of the tripartite,” longtime CDS member Michael Durbin said, speaking of the relationship among the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society and Chicago Dental Society. “This program is designed to overview what’s out there and present an argument for membership in organized dentistry. We want people to see the opportunities there are to save money, improve their practices and improve themselves through the features we offer.”

The symposium will feature a panel of CDS members sharing how they have used their member benefits at all stages of their careers.

“The best way to see the value of a CDS membership is to hear other members share their stories. They practice the same as you, work the same as you, and they have used organized dentistry to their advantage to improve their lives every day,” Dr. Durbin said.

He encourages members of organized dentistry to invite their non-member friends – and for both to stay and learn more about the benefits of membership.

He explained, “I want people to leave with an answer to the question, ‘how could I not be a member when I see everything that comes with it?’”



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Permanent link  Alert for Chicago dentists: City of Chicago inspecting dental offices for plumbing compliance


The Chicago Dental Society has recently received reports that inspectors from the City of Chicago Water Department are visiting dental offices citywide to check compliance with public health plumbing codes.

In light of these reports, Illinois State Dental Society has provided the following information to dentists statewide:

There are both statewide and city-specific codes related to installation of backflow preventers. Since 1994, the State of Illinois has required dentists to have a licensed plumber install a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer (RPZ) on each dental unit or group of dental units and on the dental vacuum system, in order to protect the water system from potential health hazards of human waste discharged during dental procedures from flowing back into the water system. 

The City of Chicago requires a backflow preventer on each dental unit; other cities may only require a backflow preventer that connects all units to the main water system.

In addition, dentists statewide should know that they are required to have these backflow systems inspected annually by a licensed plumber.
ISDS has more information on the Illinois State requirements and City of Chicago codes.

For more information
Illinois Department of Public Health
(217) 782-4977

Illinois Department of Public Health's Office of Health Protection
(217) 782-3984

City of Chicago's Plumbing Inspection Division
(312) 744-7017


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Permanent link  State of Illinois offers incentive for dentists to treat Medicaid patients


This just in, from Bridge to Healthy Smiles Coalition:

Governor Pat Quinn signed HB 489 into law which allows dentists who treat public aid patients to opt into a health care provider deferred compensation plan.  This allows medical or health care providers enrolled in Medicaid to except payment from the state to be deposited into a tax deferral investment portfolio in lieu of direct payment for services performed.  This new law will provide opportunity for low-middle income dental patients. This is similar to an existing retirement savings plan offered to state employees, and is currently allowed in four other states; Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi. 
This deferred compensation benefit will help motivate providers "dentists" to enroll in the Medicaid program which will help meet the demand of all those who need care.  Illinois has among the lowest funding rates in the nation for many dental procedures and as a result patients are forced to delay treatment or go without dental care altogether. This program brings us a step closer to bridging the access to care gap.


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Permanent link  Act now for Illinois HB 2239


Illinois dentists, ISDS is calling on you to contact Gov. Quinn about HB 2239, which repeals the 50% Illinois income tax increase for partnerships, LLCs, and LLPs. Visit the ISDS Capwiz page to send your message to the governor.


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Permanent link  House of Representatives votes to exempt most dentists from Red Flags Rule


This just in--statement from ADA President Dr. Ronald Tankersley on Passage of HR 3763, which would exempt most dental practices and small businesses from the FTC's Red Flags Rule:


On behalf of the 157,000 members of the American Dental Association, I want to thank the principal sponsors of HR 3763 for the introduction and overwhelming House passage of this legislation.  The bill, introduced by Rep. John Adler (D-N.J.), Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) and Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), will exempt small businesses, including most private-practicing dentists, from the Federal Trade Commission's 'Red Flags Rule.' "After listening to health care providers from across the country, lawmakers confirmed that the original Red Flags legislation was not meant to apply to small businesses like the vast majority of dental practices, but rather it was intended to encourage large businesses like banks, credit firms and national retailers to implement best practices to protect customers' from identity theft. "Over the past year, the ADA worked with numerous health care organizations and small business groups in urging Congress to quickly fix this problem. We hope that the Senate acts with similar speed to protect dentists and other small businesses from being forced to work under the yoke of an FTC rule that was never intended to apply to them."


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No matter what profession you are in, there is one important tenet one should always keep of the almost importance and that is ~ treat others the way you want to be treated…Such a simple standard of practice, that surely goes a very long way.

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