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Permanent link  Doctor, heal thyself at these Midwinter Meeting clinics


Hundreds of oral health professionals will convene at McCormick Place West in a few weeks for the 150th Midwinter Meeting. They’re anticipating three days spent discussing the best practices for keeping their patients in good health.

But there are also opportunities at the Midwinter Meeting for health care providers to check up on their own health.

Pelton and Crane will again offer ergonomics evaluations at a wellness center, located in Booth #100 (aisle 100, near the Rebate Redemption Center) in the Exhibit Hall. During these free sessions, physical therapists will consider how individual professionals position themselves around the chair and on their stools in an operatory. 

“What we know is that dentists are willing to do anything for their patients, and so they become so focused on the task at hand that they disregard the positions they’re putting themselves in to get the job done,” physical therapist Tim Caruso said. “Dentists and hygienists are taking on some pretty awkward postures, to the detriment of their own bodies.”

Additional information about areas of pain or discomfort, leisure activities and pain management techniques help ergonomics professionals analyze the dental professional’s most common practice. These assessments last 15-30 minutes, and participants leave with advice for simple improvements.

Providers at all stages of their careers – whether they currently feel physical pain or not – are invited to participate. 

“Ideally, these best practices would be reviewed in dental school to help students avoid developing bad habits during their clinical training,” Mr. Caruso said. “ Your body is the most important instrument you have for a fulfilling career.”

Elsewhere at the Midwinter Meeting, attendees can schedule a health screening with BlueApple Health. They offer more than 31 tests, at prices up to $115, to assess cardiovascular risk. The CDS Wellness Center will be open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Feb. 26-28, in room CC20 at the Hyatt McCormick Place Conference Center. Schedule an appointment online, when you complete your Midwinter Meeting registration.



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Permanent link  CDS commits $75,000 to DENT-IL-PAC


The Chicago Dental Society has committed $75,000 to DENT-IL-PAC in 2014. DENT-IL-PAC is the political action committee of the Illinois State Dental Society, which allows dentists to collectively contribute to the campaigns of candidates it supports. DENT-IL-PAC is non-profit and bi-partisan, with the goal of influencing the political process for the good of dentistry and patients.

A Board of Directors oversees DENT-IL-PAC’s activities; CDS member Michael Durbin is the current president.

 The Board of Directors includes one director from each branch of the Chicago Dental Society, as well as representatives from each downstate component of the Illinois State Dental Society and several Illinois specialty societies.

Other local dental societies contributed a combined $25,100 to DENT-IL-PAC. Donors include:

  • Southern Illinois Dental Society: $1,500
  • Will County Dental Society: $1,000
  • G.V. Black District Dental Society: $2,000
  • Peoria District Dental Society: $2,000
  • Illinois Academy of General Dentistry: $1,000
  • Winnebago County Dental Society: $2,000
  • Madison District Dental Society: $1,000
  • Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists: $2,000
  • Fox River Valley Dental Society: $3,000
  • Illinois Association of Endodontists: $3,000
  • U.S. Grant Dental Society: $1,000
  • Illinois Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: $3,000
  • Education and Development Initiative: $100
  • Rock Island District Dental Society: $1,500
  • McLean County Dental Society: $1,000.


The Chicago Dental Society has supported DENT-IL-PAC annually since 1998, for a total of $763,001 in donations.



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Permanent link  Get ready for Brush Day


Do you remember the Ad Council? They were responsible for all the Public Service Announcements were remember from childhood:

  • “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk,”
  • “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste”
  • and, more recently “I am an American.”

The Ad Council has turned its attention to National Brush Day, which will be celebrated Nov. 1. The day after Halloween will be an ideal time to remind parents and children about the importance of good habits for healthy teeth.

The Ad Council is armed with facts like these: 

  • Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease
  • Less than half of children brush their teeth twice a day
  • In the United States, oral disease causes kids to miss 51 million school hours and their parents to lose 25 million work hours annually
  • Dental decay affects 16.5 million children in the United States.

 To combat these trends, the Ad Council is working with the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives to supply parents with simple ways to improve their children’s oral health. They’re the same recommendations you give your own patients about how much toothpaste to use and when to start taking a child to the dentist. But they’ve also built a website. offers a collection of free, two-minute videos— featuring characters from Sesame Street, Cartoon Network and My Kazoo —which kids can watch while brushing. The two-minute clips also help parents easily measure the amount of brushing time that is recommended by leading dental health experts.

Find your child’s favorite character there today.



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