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Permanent link  Amalgam is back in the news today; find answers here


If your patients are fans of Dr. Oz, be prepared for their questions about the safety of amalgam (silver) fillings. The Dr. Oz Show will focus today on the question, “Are your silver fillings making you sick?”

The American Dental Association has long argued that dental amalgam is a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans. The Chicago Dental Society supports that position, as it is based on scientific reviews by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Life Sciences Research Office, the American Medical Association and other respected organizations. 

Read more about the ADA’s position online.

As in all cases, patients are encouraged to talk to their dentists about their oral health concerns – including those regarding the use of amalgam fillings. 

Here are a few more resources to consider when patients come to you with questions about amalgam:






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Permanent link  New exhibitors add excitement to the Exhibit Hall


We may be gearing up for the 147th Midwinter Meeting this February, but the meeting is far from stale. We are proud to welcome more than 80 first-time exhibitors to the 2012 Exhibit Hall.

“The number of new exhibitors is exciting for a few reasons,” said Lisa Girardi, director of Exhibit Services. “I’m glad to know our attendees will have access to more products this year that will help to grow their practice of dentistry. And, it’s exciting to see more companies making our Midwinter Meeting part of their business plans.  We wish them all a great exhibiting experience at McCormick Place.

“The Midwinter Meeting is known throughout the industry as being the meeting where new products are unveiled,” Ms. Girardi continued. “Well, we can add that we are now the meeting where we introduce new dental companies, too.”

Among the new exhibitors in 2012 will be Indiana-based consultants Excellence in Dentistry. This company is under new ownership, and consultant Brooke Mott knew from personal experience earlier in her career that Midwinter Meeting is the place to be.

“The bigger, regional meetings like the Midwinter Meeting draw national and international attendees that are so important for our business,” Ms. Mott said. “The information presented in the lectures and the exhibitors, too, are of an exceptional level.”

View a complete list of new exhibitors here, and then plan your visit to the Exhibit Hall using our Virtual Exhibit Hall.


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Permanent link  Roundup of New Kids Products


Children sometimes need a little encouragement - and some fun - to make brushing and flossing a daily habit. This year's Midwinter Meeting brings several new kid-focused dental products to dentists and consumers. From electronic toothbrushes and irrigation systems to toothbrushes covered with toys and cartoons, here's a look at the latest dental treats for kids on the exhibit floor.


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Permanent link  National Museum of Dentistry Features Toothy Toys Throughout the Ages


Super heroes, princesses and cartoon characters, all do their part to help attract kids to hygiene habits?

USA Today shares information on "Open Wide! Toothy Toys That Made Us Smile," an exhibit at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore showcasing toys used to attract the attention of and promote proper hygiene to kids from the 40s to today.

So what's changed since the Golden Era? It's unlikely that many kids today will want a Hopalong Cassidy cowboy toothbrush as the Disney Princesses and Spider-man are the hygiene ambassadors-emblazoned on toothbrushes and more-for today's children.

The attraction is more than just a feature of toys: Museum director Jonathan Landers says that the exhibit is meant for kids and adults to enjoy together and that each of the toys is accompanied by information that explains its role, as public-health messages about oral hygiene progressed over time.

How do you encourage your young patients to brush, floss, and take care of their teeth? Toys, treats? Has that changed over time? Let us know in the comments.


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Permanent link  Product Report: Cleankeys


Worried about germs in the office? Add computer keyboard to the list of items you can quickly wipe clean to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Cleankeys, which bills itself as "the world's easiest to clean keyboard," is wipeable and waterproof. It comes in glass (completely smooth top) and acrylic (the keys have ridges you can feel).

In the video below, Doug Dahlen, vice president of sales at Cleankeys, Inc. (based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), explains how the keyboard is designed and how it may be used in dental and medical offices -- plus anyplace where there's dirt and debris.


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