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Permanent link  New Illinois laws improve access to dental care


In the last two months, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed three bills into law, two of which will have an impact on access to oral health care in the state, and a third that protects dentists from frivolous lawsuits.

House Bill 3061 allows the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to provide temporary, 10-day permits to out-of-state dentists and dental hygienists who wish to volunteer their services in Illinois. The bill, which was sponsored by Rep. David Miller and Sen. Pamela Althoff and endorsed by Illinois State Dental Society,"will encourage more dentists to treat low-income families at free clinics throughout Illinois," says a press release on the State of Illinois website.

House Bill 5859, which was signed at June's Mission of Mercy event, looks like a boon to clinics and the dentists who volunteer there. Beginning January 1, the state will reimburse clinics for care provided by volunteer dentists. Payments will help clinics cover the cost of equipment and supplies. Under current Illinois law, the state will not reimburse unless the volunteer dentist is enrolled in Medicaid.

Finally, last week Gov. Quinn signed Senate Bill 3025, which will hopefully curtail frivolous lawsuits against dentists. Advanced by ISDS, this law requires that all information gathered by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation during an investigation-including information subpoenaed under the Illinois Dental Practice Act-is kept confidential. Information may still be released to the dental licensing authority of other states or jurisdictions when an official request is made; however, such information may only be used for investigations and disciplinary proceedings related to licensure.

The impetus for this bill was the case of an oral surgeon who was sued, and as a result, multiple subpoenas were made to try and find fault with his practice. By limiting the release of certain information, ISDS hopes this bill will stymy such "fishing" expeditions against dentists in the future. The sponsor of this bill was Rep. John Fritchey.


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Permanent link  New dental sedation rules for Illinois Permit A and B holders


From Illinois State Dental Society, here are changes to the sedation rules that will affect Illinois dentists who hold Permit A or B.

These rules are effective April 13, 2010, but the new training requirements will be not be required to be completed until September 30, 2011.

The most significant changes for Permit A and B holders are as follows:

  • Assistants monitoring patients will be required to complete a certified training course on emergency procedures and monitoring equipment with an emphasis on airway management. All members of the anesthesia team, including the dentist, must maintain current certification in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS).
  • The permit holder must have proof of current Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification.
  • Course requirements for receiving Permit A have been increased to 75 hours (previously 60 hours).
  • Additional continuing education for permit holders has increased to 9 hours (previously 4 hours) per renewal cycle in sedation techniques, including medications and recognition and management of complications and emergencies, is required for renewal of Permit A and B. This is above the 48-hour requirement for dental licensure renewal.
  • New anesthesia monitoring and safety equipment requirements have been added to ensure patient safety.
  • Permit A and B holders will now have to report the total number of anesthesia cases performed per year and shall maintain a logbook indicating the sedation cases performed for a review by the Division.
  • A new anesthesia review panel has been created to advise the Director on anesthesia-related issues. The review panel will consist of three Illinois dentists who hold an active Permit A and three Illinois dentists who hold an active Permit B.
Questions? Contact Dave Marsh or Pam Cuffle in the ISDS Government Relations Department at (800) 475-4737


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Permanent link  Illinois dentists may need AED in office


If you practice sedation dentistry in the state of Illinois, you are now required to have an automatic electronic defibrillator (AED) and trained staff person on the premises during all regular business hours, due to a change in the Illinois Dental Practice Act.


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