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Permanent link  CDS commits $75,000 to DENT-IL-PAC


The Chicago Dental Society has committed $75,000 to DENT-IL-PAC in 2014. DENT-IL-PAC is the political action committee of the Illinois State Dental Society, which allows dentists to collectively contribute to the campaigns of candidates it supports. DENT-IL-PAC is non-profit and bi-partisan, with the goal of influencing the political process for the good of dentistry and patients.

A Board of Directors oversees DENT-IL-PAC’s activities; CDS member Michael Durbin is the current president.

 The Board of Directors includes one director from each branch of the Chicago Dental Society, as well as representatives from each downstate component of the Illinois State Dental Society and several Illinois specialty societies.

Other local dental societies contributed a combined $25,100 to DENT-IL-PAC. Donors include:

  • Southern Illinois Dental Society: $1,500
  • Will County Dental Society: $1,000
  • G.V. Black District Dental Society: $2,000
  • Peoria District Dental Society: $2,000
  • Illinois Academy of General Dentistry: $1,000
  • Winnebago County Dental Society: $2,000
  • Madison District Dental Society: $1,000
  • Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists: $2,000
  • Fox River Valley Dental Society: $3,000
  • Illinois Association of Endodontists: $3,000
  • U.S. Grant Dental Society: $1,000
  • Illinois Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: $3,000
  • Education and Development Initiative: $100
  • Rock Island District Dental Society: $1,500
  • McLean County Dental Society: $1,000.


The Chicago Dental Society has supported DENT-IL-PAC annually since 1998, for a total of $763,001 in donations.



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Permanent link  ISDS needs your help on the vaccine bill, SB409


The Illinois State Dental Society is seeking support for a bill that would allow dentists to provide flu vaccines to patients 18 years and older, SB3409. ISDS is encouraging all members to contact their representatives today, so that the bill survives committee debates in the coming weeks.

The Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) is making a strong effort in the House of Representatives to stop the flu vaccine bill, arguing that health insurers will not credential dentists in medical networks and that dentists are not Medicare providers.  In addition, ISMS representatives say that there is already adequate coverage of providers to administer flu vaccines.

In response, ISDS is asking members contact their state representatives and to emphasize that these administrative issues can be addressed — and that the real issue is the potential to keep people from getting sick and possibly dying. Evidence shows that only 45 percent of Illinois citizens get vaccinated annually, and that hospitals are flooded with patients sickened with the flu, according to the reports published by Illinois Department of Public Health. 

ISDS has also argued that passage of SB409 will enable dentists to volunteer at public health clinics this fall to help with inoculation efforts, which will greatly increase the number of health care providers vaccinating the underserved population.

SB409 is expected to be heard by the House Health Care Licenses Committee or the Health Care Availability to Access Committee within the next two weeks. 

Find more talking points and get your Representative’s contact information online.




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Permanent link  Dentists can help identify a Jane Doe in Knox County


The Chicago Dental Society learned this week that the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, with assistance from the FBI Laboratory and the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUS), has established an updated profile and facial approximation of “Jane Doe,” the unidentified skeletal remains found in the East Galesburg Brickyards in 1996. They are looking for dentists, specifically, to further their investigation.

To facilitate the public’s help to identify Jane Doe, the Knox County Sheriff’s Department has established the “Jane Doe Tip Line,” at 309.345.6790.  Photos, press releases, printable flyers, investigation information, case updates, media packets and other information are available for viewing and download on the Unsolved Crimes page at, a webpage dedicated to the Jane Doe investigation.

Jane Doe is a caucasian women, age 55-85. She weighed 130-160 lbs., and was between 4' 11" and 5' 5" tall. She also had a pronounced overbite/over jet, was missing several teeth, and likely had osteoarthritis and DISH. Authorities believe she died sometime between 1984 and 1996. More information, including a rendering, is available online.

Anyone with information on this investigation or possible leads to the identity of Jane Doe is urged to call the Tip Line or e-mail

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department is particularly interested in speaking with the following people at this time:

  • Former employees of the Galesburg State Research Hospital/Galesburg Mental Health Center, especially between 1980 and the date the facility closed.
  • Dental Professionals who may have provided dental care to residents of this facility between 1980 and the date the facility closed.
  • Anyone associated with a charitable or other organization that provided food, clothing or shelter to homeless or disadvantaged people between the mid 80’s to mid 90’s.
  • Anyone with a female friend or family member missing between 1980 and 1996.



Detective Sergeant Jason Landers

Knox County Sheriff’s Department

152 S. Kellogg Street

Galesburg, IL 61401

309.345.3733 or



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Permanent link  IL Gov. proclaims February is Gum Disease Awareness Month


It’s official: Governor Pat Quinn has signed a proclamation to recognize this month — February 2013 — as Gum Disease Awareness Month in Illinois.

Gum disease is one of the most common diseases in the United States – more prevalent than cancer, heart disease and arthritis. The consequences can be serious, but the condition can be treated in every patient. Treatment options range from regular check-ups to conventional gum surgery or laser surgery.

Mounting university research links gum disease to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pre-term and still births and certain cancers. Over 85 percent of Americans adults have some degree of gum disease, but fewer than half are diagnosed. Often symptoms of gum disease are ignored until the disease is in advanced stages, when tooth loss is common.

Illinois has adopted Gum Disease Awareness Month in order to educate residents about widespread health threat of gum disease and the importance of prevention and treatment. With a key message of encouragement to take an active role in preventing gum disease, recognizing risk factors, getting diagnosed and seeking treatment, the initiative is lead by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry, a non-profit educational and research center dedicated to providing evidence-based clinical training in laser dentistry therapies.

To learn more visit or join the movement at and



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