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Permanent link  Red Flags Rule delayed again


The FTC has just announced that they will be delaying enforcement of the Red Flags Rule until November 1 so that they may do more education programs for business owners on complying with the rules.


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Permanent link  New bill creates dental grant program in Illinois


On July 23, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation authorizing the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to create a grant program that will provide funds to local health departments, rural clinics and federally qualified health clinics. The ultimate goal of this program is strengthening the dental care safety net for uninsured and indigent citizens. This act, Public Act 96-0067, is a part of the package of dental bills championed by the Bridge to Healthy Smiles coalition.


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Permanent link  Theres still time to register for the ADA National Dental Benefits Conference


Want to know more about the dental benefits industry? Then consider attending the ADA's National Dental Benefits Conference, held Friday and Saturday, August 28-89 in Chicago. Registration is free but must be done in advance of the conference.

As an added bonus for dentists who attend the conference, several of the presentations are eligible for continuing education credits.

You will hear from representatives from the dental benefits industry on topics such as:

  • Direct Reimbursement: The Debate - Roger Schultz of BenefitStream and Andy Almeida, a consultant from Mercer, will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Direct Reimbursement and will be available to answer questions from the audience.
  • Administrative Cost Reductions - Hear how insurance carriers are cutting administrative costs including eliminating the need for dental offices to submit radiographs for claim adjudication.
  • Real-Time Claims Adjudication - Hear from experts on the future of real-time claims adjudication and how debit cards are being used with dollar based employee benefit programs.
  • Workers Compensation & Dental Claims - Ever wonder how workers compensation carriers handle dental claims? Learn how at this session.


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There are a lot of interetesting presentations at this dental conference.<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow">Dental Richmond Hill</a>

Posted by: Dr. David Cheng ( on 05/16/2011

Permanent link  ADA ends ADA Intelligent Dental Marketing (ADA/idm) partnership


Note: Dentists still waiting for undelivered goods and services will receive a refund within 60 days.

CHICAGO-ADA Intelligent Dental Marketing of Salt Lake City, a joint venture with ADA Business Enterprises, Inc., has experienced significant production and operational difficulties.

The American Dental Association leadership regrets that this has occurred. After careful consideration, ADABEI--a wholly owned subsidiary of the ADA, has determined that the best solution for our members, ADAidm customers and our Association, is to resolve outstanding contractual obligations and to dissolve our business relationship with ADAidm.

ADAidm will be providing customers with a full refund for paid undelivered goods and services on their contracts with the company. Refunds will be made within 60 days. Customers are being notified and a special team is working to resolve customer issues.

ADABEI announced the formation of ADAidm in February 2007 to help ADA members build and market their dental practices. ADAidm offered a comprehensive suite of customized dental marketing products and services designed to attract and retain customers, including direct mail, Web site development, advertising and logo and identity development.

The Board of Trustees took definitive action and appointed ADA trustee Dr. Robert Faiella to be chair of ADABEI and to resolve the ADAidm issues, as well as to oversee the successful ongoing ADABEI programs. The ADA Board has directed teams at ADABEI and ADAidm to work diligently to resolve the ADAidm situation.


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Permanent link  Men more afraid of the dentist


Back in 2005, we surveyed our members to find out whether they thought men or women were more fearful in the dental chair. Almost half of dentists surveyed said men are more anxious than woman about visiting the dentist, compared to 36 percent who felt there was no difference and 14 percent who thought women were more nervous. Shortly after our findings came out, a study done in Canada found that female patients report being more afraid of the dentist than men.

Four years later, the Edomonton Journal revisits this issue, with some interesting twists:

  • As suspected, men do underreport their fear of the dentists, or perhaps exaggerate their comfort with the dentist.
  • Evidence suggests that fear of dental pain is a "learned behavior."
  • Those with dental fear have similar pain thresholds as patients without dental anxiety.
  • According to a survey by the Massachusetts Dental Society, women are far more likely to request cosmetic procedures.


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It is true that men are more afraid of the dentist.<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow">Thornhill Dentist</a>

Posted by: Dr. David Cheng ( on 05/16/2011

I think my children are more afraid of the dentist than my husband. I was lucky to find a good hygienist in my area from ... i was shopping for a toothbrush, and ended up finding a family dentist lol

Posted by: lilly ( on 05/16/2011

It is natural to be afraid of dentist due to the pain while the treatment is going on. But I think this is not an important issue whether men or women are more afraid of the dentist.<br />-------------------------<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow">salem ma dental implants</a>

Posted by: al ( on 05/16/2011

Permanent link  Employees continuing to use their dental benefits hold, despite recession


Crain's Communications has posted an article on how dental benefits are faring in the economy. The article cites a survey conducted by CDS last fall that found 22 percent of Chicagoans had a family member with an untreated dental issue and almost half were without insurance.

In addition, the American Dental Association reports that its survey of members has found "dentists' decreased incomes and gross billings decreased in the fourth quarter of 2008 vs. the third quarter." First-quarter 2009 statistics do show "a small improvement," the news is still bad, said Wayne Wendling, managing VP of the ADA's Health Policy Resource Center, to ADA News.

However, employers and employment consultants are saying that dental benefits coverage--and employees' use of the benefit is holding steady.

"While we hear from dentists that the amount of work being done is less than it was last year, our claim activity does not show that,'' said Jon Seltenheim, senior vp of customer service operations at dental insurer United Concordia Cos. Inc. in Harrisburg, Pa.

"The dentists that I speak with are saying they are having fewer requests for cosmetic procedures and in some cases are seeing openings in their hygiene schedules, which they rarely see, but it's too early to have any strong conclusions. Hopefully, we'll see some clarity in the middle part of the third quarter," Mr. Seltenheim said.
One insurer tells reporter Louise Kertesz that fear of layoffs may be spiking demand for preventative dental services:
Chris Swanker, VP of group dental and vision for New York-based Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, said the industry's emphasis on preventive services, plan designs that stretch benefits-including allowing annual maximums to roll over-and fears of layoffs are "driving a fairly substantial increase in utilization...."

Mr. Hirschberg said there has been "some trail-off'' in use of higher-cost services such as orthodontia, which is covered at 50% up to a certain maximum. "There's a slowdown, not that it fell off the ledge," he said.
Read the full article. Related: the ADA will be hosting its annual National Dental Benefits Conference in August in Chicago. Attendance for members is free.


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Permanent link  ADA responds to Invisalign controversy


We made mention of it last week--the new proficiency requirements Invisalign is demanding of dentists who use the product.

The ADA published an article last week on the controversy. An excerpt:

As part of what the company calls a "proficiency program," Align is requiring all its system users to start at least 10 cases and complete at least 10 Invisalign-specific continuing education courses per calendar year or lose their status as active providers. Align's new policies took effect June 2.

Dentists who fail to comply with the new requirements could reactivate by retaking Align's Invisalign Clear Essentials I training course, offered at tuition ranging from $1,600 to $1,900. Reactivated dentists then would have to meet the program proficiency requirement for the calendar year....

Among dozens of calls and e-mails to the ADA, some members questioned the ethics of imposing yearly minimum case starts-quotas that seem to pressure dentists into treatment plans related to a product rather than to the best interests of their patients.

There is also a fact sheet about the new requirements posted to the ADA Web site for those dentists looking for a brief background on how these changes will affect their practice.


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It looks like Align wants dentists to be more competent in using their product. On the other hand these courses are ordered and offered by Align! Conflict of interest?<br /><br />As a patient I want access to more info and case-based evidence on the competence of dentists.<br /> <br />The ADA should police itself more rigorously and be ***proactively pro-patient***. <br /> <br />When ANY professional organization pays attention to its patients/clients/customers, it earns more credibility. <br />Go ADA, Do your job

Posted by: Chithra.KarunaKaran ( on 05/16/2011

It&#39;s interesting that while Invisalign pushes their product as the simple alternative to traditional braces, they will then go ahead and make it more difficult for the <a href="" rel="nofollow">cosmetic dentist</a> to offer the service. I feel it shows a lack of confidence in their proprietary technology, rather than the capabilities of the dentists administering.

Posted by: informationjunkie ( on 05/16/2011

ada should have a class action lawsuit against invisalign for doing this. Plus restrict all kickbacks and marketing at all levels even CDS. They&#39;ll get the message.<br />Sincerely,<br />Dr. BDC<br />

Posted by: Brian ( on 05/16/2011

Permanent link  Keeping those little choppers safe during summer sports


CDS President Dr. David Kumamoto interviewed for an article on mouthguards and Little League. From Stan Goff at Dental Products Report.

Do you talk with your patients about keeping their teeth safe during sports?


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Permanent link  Tips from two IRS agents that could help you avoid tax problems


Advice from IRS agents on how dentists can avoid tax problems. Includes six cautionary tales that will have you slapping your forehead in disbelief! From our friends at PennWell Dental Group.


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