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Teresa Duncan, founder of Odyssey Management, has a great blog post on health care reform and dentistry.

It's an even-handed look at the good and bad in the bill for the dental community. She writes:

Education wise - it's looking good. Grant money will become available (separate from the $60 million) to provide sealants to children, conduct studies on caries disease management and keep school-based clinics running.....

[Legislators] changed the requirement for Medicaid so more will be eligible but no consideration was given to increasing Medicaid reimbursement. Dentists that offer Medicaid limit the numbers within their practice - for good reason. You can easily lose money treating Medicaid patients. It's not a selfish, motivated by big bucks reason - it's a business decision. Maintaining quality with increased quantity can only happen when you can scale the business. Since most dentists are solo practitioners this is impractical so they have to limit the Medicaid quantity.


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Today's post is courtesy of Dr. Adrian Codel, a CDS member and general dentist who practices on Chicago's north side. Today Dr. Codel shares his opinions on the value of CDS membership.

Today I received a $100 check from CDS and later this month expect another $75. Why? Because I attended the Midwinter Meeting as a CDS dentist. You can too.

Attending dental school in Chicago provided me with the unique opportunity of attending the Midwinter Meeting annually. CDS would hand out student tickets for lectures and provide opportunities to meet respected lecturers as a Room Chair. I volunteered as a Room Chair for several years. After graduating, I promoted myself to Presiding Chairperson, and have volunteered for this position ever since. I enjoy it so much, that I make sure to block off at least one day dedicated to volunteering as a Presiding Chairperson.

On the first day of the 2010 Midwinter Meeting, I arrived in the morning to pick up my Presiding Chairperson packet when I ran into a friend and former professor. We attended the special VIP breakfast together and had a nice conversation and found that we never even spoke of dentistry. I then had the honor of introducing a respected lecturer for an informative presentation whose lecture topics I have already incorporated in my practice. I might add that this was a fee-based lecture for those attending. After providing the CE code to participants, I had time to visit the exhibit floor and attend the CDS Meet Up before lunch. During the VIP lunch, I ran into another colleague whom I had not seen in 10 years. We caught up and, again, did not even fall into a discussion of dentistry. By the end of the day I had earned 6 CE credits from a fee based lecture and had 2 excellent meals where I re-acquainted with my friends. As if this were not enough, CDS was generous enough to pay me a per diem of $100. Talk about "membership has its benefits."

Oh, and as for the additional $75. By registering for the Midwinter Meeting early, I got the $75 rebate for qualifying purchases from any exhibitor.

Details on how to volunteer as a presiding room chair for the 2011 Midwinter Meeting will be available on the CDS Web site soon. In the interim, please contact Dr. Al Kleszynski for details.


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Alice Boghosian, DDS, introduces brushing and flossing products on the exhibit floor at Midwinter Meeting and demonstrates the proper way to brush. Find out which toothpaste and which toothbrush is the right pick for you ...


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